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The original Barfly was founded in Paris, in 1995, with a clear vision to redefine and revolutionize the existing dining and nightlife concept worldwide.

Inspired by a legendary writer (and nightlife habitué), Charles Bukowski, Barfly was the first-ever concept to successfully combine a restaurant, lounge, bar, and supper club with a live DJ. Offering various experiences in a multidimensional setting where various moods flow seamlessly from outstanding luncheons to post-work aperitifs, from trendy afternoon sessions to sundowners, from casual out-of-the-town gatherings to family dinners, from a couple of glasses by the bar to the club-alike atmosphere.

Barfly is an area of multiple impulses, curious about its surroundings and constantly reinventing itself by pushing boundaries beyond the edge. The Neo-Baroque mystic concept patrons the luxury and comfort of an intimate space, but at the same time a destination to reconnect and discover, it has been frequented by A-list celebrities, including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, and Reese Witherspoon.

The Barfly music collection has enjoyed international success and acclaim. Produced by George V Records who created the world-famous Buddha-Bar Cd collection. The music is a combination of lounge, house music, jazz and top 40’s evolving at different times of the day to suit the mood and the clientele.

Barfly successfully maintains this legacy, with a unique concept strongly associated with Buddha-Bar.


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